Strip and Cluster Lash Application

Have you ever applied your falsies and the band lifts up at the edges or falls off completely before the end of the evening?  Ever inadvertently glue your eye lid shut?  No worries, after completing this workshop, you’ll not only learn how to properly apply and remove strip and/or cluster lashes but you’ll also learn how to care for your falsies.  You leave with some valuable knowledge, 2 sets of lashes, and lash glue.  Duration – 90 Minutes  Cost – $25.00

Your 15 Minute Face

We’re all REALLY busy, but you still want your face to be put together right?  You don’t need to spend an hour each morning to beat your face!  Let me show you how to get great results in just 15 MINUTES!!!  I’ll teach you some simple and quick techniques that I will get you out the door in no time.  Duration: 90 minutes | Cost: $35.00 per person

Do-It-Yourself Natural Beauty Bar Workshop

You don’t have to be an herbalist, aromatherapist, or chemist to make natural skincare products that feel absolutely decadent and work just as well–if not BETTER–than the generic products on store shelves.  In my DIY Natural Beauty Bar Workshop, you’ll learn how to create your very own customized whipped body butter, face mask, and body sugar scrub.  All products can be infused with your choice of essential oils based on your desired effects.  Use them as great gifts, share with friends/family, or just keep them and pamper yourself.  Duration: 120 minutes | Cost: $40 per person (limit 5 people per workshop)

Get a No Makeup, Makeup Look

It’s not weird that you want to learn how to apply makeup . . . that looks like you’re not wearing any makeup.  It’s one of the hottest trends of the year.  This look directly goes against the typical “Instagram” beauty looks we see a lot of today (bold brows, full coverage foundation, winged liner, etc).  No makeup, makeup is basically the bare minimum, focusing more on the steps to get to a flawless face than the number of products used.  Duration: 90 minutes | Cost: FREE