Farm-to-Face Facials

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients list on your skin care products?  You would need a master’s degree in chemistry to pronounce most of what you see on those labels.  Although many of these products work…and work well, we’re unaware of the long-term effects of applying these laboratory engineered chemicals to our skin.  Well there’s an alternative!  Mother Nature has supplied us with all the ingredients we need to get the clear, smooth, and glowing skin that we all crave.

Introducing the NVYus Beauty Lab’s Farm-to-Face Facial.  This exquisite skincare treatment only contains fresh herbs, seasonal fruits, and vegetables and is crafted specifically for your skin type.  Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin we have the perfect natural, seasonal solution to revitalize your skin.

Here are a few examples of the types of produce we use and their benefits…


Nutritional Content – High in Vitamin C, fiber, and manganese.  Also a good source of folate and potassium.  Powerhouse antioxidant

Skin Benefits – Brightens and evens skin tone, significantly improves hydration, helps create younger looking, firmer-feeling skin


Nutritional Content – rich in Vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, and kaempferol.  Excellent antioxidant source.

Skin Benefits – Helps detoxify the body (clear skin), helps reduce skin inflammation.


Nutritional Content – Loaded with vitamins A and C.  Also a good source of  potassium, vitamin K and vitamin E.

Skin Benefits – Helps repair skin tissue and protects against the sun’s harsh rays.  Effective in treating blemishes and scars.  Aids the collagen production in the body and helps prevent wrinkles.


Nutritional Content – Natural source of benzoic acid.vitamins A and C, and antibacterial properties.

Skin Benefits – The acid in cranberries acts as an exfoliant and vitamins like A and C help boost collagen production. Cranberries also fight free radicals that may cause wrinkles and also keeps your skin moisturized.

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Why Seasonal Fruits?

The natural cycle of produce is perfectly designed to support our health

Building a lifestyle around seasonal food facilitates the body’s natural healing process. For example, apples grow in the fall and they are the perfect transition food helping the body get rid of excess heat and cool down before winter. In the spring the abundance of leafy greens help us alkalize and detox.  In the summer we need to cool down and stay hydrated by using more fruits, berries, cucumber, watermelon etc.

Organic/Free of Pesticides

Food grown outside of their season or natural environment need a lot more human assistance in forms of pesticides, waxes, chemicals and preservatives to grow. By choosing local and seasonal food, you are also more likely to get a cleaner product!

Fresher with a Higher Nutritional Value

Produce that is purchased in season is more likely to be fresher, consumed closer to harvesting and higher in nutritional value, some anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C, folate and carotenes will rapidly decline when stored for periods of time.  Fruits and vegetables that are stored for long periods of time due to transportation or to be used at a later date have a reduction in phyto-nutrient content.  Large markets and grocers may buy out-of -season produce that has been gassed, irradiated (a burst of radiation to kill germs) and preserved in wax to extent the shelf life.


When farmers are harvesting a large abundance of produce due to the crop being in season, the cost of the produce will go down. Also, when the produce is locally sourced because it’s in season in Maryland, then travelling expenses and storage are not required which also reduces the price. This allows us to price our Farm-to-Face facial affordably so as many people can experience this indulgence as possible.

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